We provide quality power skating instruction for hockey and ringette players. Our goal is to improve basic skating techniques and in turn, improving power, agility & speed.

Though there has been some confusion as to what power skating is. It is not for figure skaters. Power skating was designed to improve and master skating techniques for both hockey and ringette players. It is not a miracle program, like they say what you put in, is what you get out, we cannot expect to take one power skating lesson and then become a superstar, it takes time, practice and dedication to become an excellent skater. Power skating is not only for straight line acceleration, but for all skating skill areas, backward skating, tight glide turns, forward and backward crossovers, are just a few areas we focus on. So the end result of power skating lessons with us means a complete skater in ALL areas.

The difference between our sessions and a regular hockey team's practice is what we focus on. A hockey practice focuses on the team's ability to make play's and score. Our area however, is on the individual skater and his sureness of skating skills. By doing this, we hope to improve their play-making and goal scoring abilities.
Our target group are students from Mahg 1 thru Bantam. By teaching children of that age, we hope to correct newly formed habits before they become too difficult to correct.